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Are you looking at bulk SMS marketing tool providers? Then you are in the right place, So First of all we need to know about what are bulk sms marketing and how many types of SMS marketing is there in the market?

What is Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS marketing is of two types. There are two types of sms.

Bulk SMS Marketing
Bulk SMS Marketing

Promotional SMS: As you can know by name that within the promotional SMS, we can send promotional content to our customers. For example, if we send sms to promote our product and services to our client then it comes under promotional sms.

Transactional SMS: As you can understand by name, in the Transactional SMS we send any transaction message to your customer, for example, when any bank sends you information of your account balance through SMS. It comes under transactional message.

Why we need Bulk SMS Marketing Tool or Platform

As you know, in such a way you can send sms by your phone only but if you have database of 5000 people or more then it is very typical to send sms through phone and it can take alto of time also any telecom service provider didn’t allow to user personal phone number as a promotional number so they may block your mobile number any time. In short you cannot send an SMS to 5000 or 10000 people simultaneously with your phone.

So in this case you need a platform or tool which can help you to send any amount of sms to your database within minute or two. That’s by we use bulk sms marketing tool. You can buy this at very cheap price.

So at DigitalSanjay will help you to provide this bulk sms tool to promote your product or services thought sms. If you want to buy marketing tools, fill in the inquiries in the contact us page or you can email us or you can talk on the phone number.

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