GEM Registration: A Description Guide

GEM Registration: A Description Guide

What is GEM Registration?

The GeM also known as Government e-Marketplace is a government-run e-commerce portal. It is a one-stop solution to facilitate and enable easy online procurement of the Consumer Goods & Services that are needed by various Government Departments, Organizations and PSUs in India.

The government under the Allocation of Business Rules, 1961 had begun the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) in 2017. The Main motive of the GeM is to ensure transparency, efficiency and promptness in the procurement of supplies under government of India.

What is Public Procurement?

Government offices have to buy goods and services for their operational and office needs as a private company.

Public procurement (government tenders) refers to the process by which central, state governments and PSUs buy goods and services from the private traders and manufacturers in India.

Government procurement needs to follow strict procedures and guidelines in order to ensure that the purchase process is fair, efficient, transparent and minimizes on-site of public resources.

Why to Choose GEM Registration?

With (Government e-Marketplace) GeM Registration, you can avail the benefits of smart trade & commerce offered by the government of India. For Example-

Public procurement (government tenders) refers to the process by which central, state governments and PSUs buy goods and services from the private traders and manufacturers in India.

  • E-bidding
  • Reverse e-auction
  • Demand aggregation to aid the government users and get the best value for their money.

Benefits of Sellers on GeM Registration

Assistance in trade

All Government departments including Central, State Government and PSUs have to fulfil their purchase requirement only through sellers registered under the GeM portal. GeM registration has a great avenue for private company’s business growth.

Direct Government Purchase

Traders can sell up to ₹50,000/- value products at fair prices directly to the government buyers without bidding just like amazon and Flipkart and other ecommerce portal.

Special Benefits for Startups

There is an option for GeM registration as a startup on the GeM portal having unique and innovative product. The government has relaxed norms to procure goods from new Startup entrants.

Less paperwork

There is minimum paperwork required to obtain GeM registration. Moreover, there is an easy and fair process for tender allotment under the GeM portal.


With online GeM portal- transparency, effectiveness, and speed have been enhanced during the procurement of required goods and services

Benefits of Government Buyers On GEM Registration

Buy Online

On the GeM portal, Government officials can search and procure almost all goods & services on GeM portal and can enjoy flipkart & amazon like online buying experience.


On the GeM portal, there is much transparency, effectiveness, and speed in the procurement of supplies which means that there’s fair trade.

Demand aggregation

Demand aggregation feature further helps government departments to explore and compare more buyers for procuring the desired goods based on lowest price and product specification.

Less Approval

With primary and secondary users’ facility under buyer GeM registration, government officials do not require approval every time placing an order from the GeM portal.

Types Of Government Tenders On GEM

There are five types of Government tenders on Government E Market Place/GEM portal.

  1. Advertised Tender Enquiry
  2. Limited Tender Enquiry
  3. Two-Stage Bidding
  4. Single Tender Enquiry
  5. Electronic Reverse Auctions

Government E Market Place – GEM Registration Process

  • Provide the required business details and information to our web portal.
  • Consult our business advisor on how to get GeM Registration.
  • Our professional will verify the validity of documents & Information provided.
  • On submission of details, we will file GeM Registration application.
  • You will get a call for office premises inspection from govt authorized agencies.
  • On successful inspection, you may sell products and services on GeM portal.

Documents Required For GEM Registration

  • Registration Proof of Business Certificate of Incorporation or GST Certificate or MSME Certificate
  • Last 1-year Financial Information such as Income Tax Return
  • Business Owner Details – Aadhar, PAN Card
  • Description of business

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