How Many Types of Facebook Campaigns in July 2019

How Many Types of Facebook Campaigns in July 2019

Hi Guys, Today we will discuss about how many types of Facebook campaigns and what is the use all of the campaigns. As you know that Facebook is very powerful marketing channel in digital marketing and everyone wants to take the benefits to leverage the power of FB ads campaigns.

So, let’s go and discuss all Facebook campaigns in details with proper use means you will get to know how can you use such campaigns to complete your marketing objectives.

So, Mainly Facebook having three types of marketing objectives and under these marketing objectives there are 11 types of campaigns we have and as per marketing objective Facebook having categorize their campaigns in major three parts as per marketing objectives which are.

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion
Types of Facebook Campaigns in July 2019
Types of Facebook Campaigns in July 2019

And after that Facebook also categories these three campaigns in to 11 more specific parts to get maximum results to get perfect targeting as per requirement. Let’s discuss all in details.

Awareness: In This Category Facebook Having Two Different Types of Campaigns.

  1. Brand Awareness: If you launch you new brand and wants that people should know about your brand and what your brand or company offers to their customer than you can choose Brand Awareness as a campaign objective to increase your brand awareness to your target audience.
  2. Reach: If you have a new or any helpful product and services and wants to show your product/services and brand to maximum people so that people may know about your products then you can go with this Reach campaign to get maximum reach to your target audience.

Consideration: In This Category Facebook Having Six Types of Campaigns As Per Their Marketing Objectives.

  1. Traffic: If you are looking to get traffic from Facebook then you can go with this campaign as an objective and you will get maximum traffic to your website, mobile app etc.
  2. Engagement: If you want to increase more engagement on your FB page in terms of likes, share, comment, offer claim etc then you can go with this FB campaign as an objective.
  3. App Installs: If you have mobile app and want to increase app installs than you can choose app installs as marketing objective to increase app installs.
  4. Video Views: If you have best quality video and want to get more people to view your video than you can choose Video Views as a marketing objective.
  5. Lead Generation: This is most powerful campaign provided by Facebook means if you want to do lead generation then you can go with this campaign as your marketing objective and Facebook also provide go create inquiry form on their own platform and when ever any user shows interest in your ads or content then Facebook will automatically fill their personal detail and user only have to client submit as an action and you will get lead for the same.
  6. Messages: As you know now a days almost every one is using Facebook and their Messenger to chat with friends and if you are a business owner and want to increase your sales then you can also target customer through Facebook Messenger.

Conversions: This is Also a Most Powerful Campaigns Type and Facebook having Three Types of Campaigns in Same.

  1. Conversion: If you have a website or mobile app and wants user to fill inquiry form on your website or app means you can increase your website and app conversion by choosing this campaign as a marketing objective.
  2. Catalogue Sales: A catalogue can have information about the items or products in your inventory. You can use the information in a catalogue to promote your inventory and business across Facebook. Means you can create ads that automatically show items from your catalogue based on your target audience.
  3. Store Traffic: The Facebook Store Traffic ad objective previously known as Facebook store visits ad objective helps to fill the gap between people’s online and offline shopping journeys. It helps retailers to drive store visits, sales and other valuable actions at their physical shop locations by showing ads to people who are nearby.


So, we learned all 11 types of Facebook Ad Campaigns are which we have discussed the use of each campaigns in details and you can choose as per your marketing requirement.

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