2 Best SEO Tips and Tricks Working in Middle of Year 2019

2 Best SEO Tips and Tricks Working in Middle of Year 2019

Hello Guys,

As we are in middle of year 2019 and from here you should analyze what you have done in first half of the year and how you get the results on search engine. So today we will discuss about 2 Best SEO tips and tricks which can surely increase your website traffic and keywords ranking too.

Now it’s time to plan for second half of the year and we will not do same mistake which we have made in first half of the years.

So without wasting time we will discuss about which SEO strategies and tricks work for rest of the months of 2019 so that we can improve our search engine visibility and increase in revenue also.

I have will tell you about 2 important SEO tips and tracks to get more traffic organically and increase your revenue.

As you know that Google keyword ranking is fluctuating every day and it’s very difficult of get the keyword ranking on search engine first position. So to compete with your competitors you should read this article in details and also comment, like, share this article so that other digital marketers can also get benefits for the same.

Below are the Best 2 SEO Tips and Tricks:

First You need to understand your users that what exactly users are looking for?

This is very important to understand your user and what exactly user is looking for? Is he getting something which he is looking for? And then how user is engaging with your website means if user visiting your home page and then is he going to other pages or not.

So there are a lot of thing which you should check on regularly basis from Google Analytics.

Login to Google Analytics and Click Audience and then Overview; under this property you can have all the insight of your visitors which is actually useful.

In this report first of all you have to look at the graphical representation in the form of circle which tells you about New and Returning visitors of your site.

Most of the digital marketers don’t take this report seriously. But I will tell you how much this report is important for you to get your keyword ranking on Google.

New vs Returning Visitors
New vs Returning Visitors

As you can see in the image above that 18.6% visitors are new and rest 81.4% are returning visitors.

So with the help of this data we can analyze that how much returning visitors we are getting back to our website because as per the Google if your website having good percentage of returning visitors then Google understand that “Yes this website having something amazing and providing useful information and most important user are liking content of this website” Then Google will consider this as positive signal and increase your website ranking on SERP.

At the other hand if your visitors are not coming back to your website means a visitor visit your website and didn’t like your content or website etc then he will not back to your website and there will be a negative single pass to Google that this website is not having useful content so Google will decrease your keyword ranking day by day.

How you can get Returning Visitors back to your website:

Now this is very clear that we need to get our visitors back to your websites. So now we will discuss how we can get our visitors back to website so that you can also increase your keyword ranking.

The all the techniques and tricks I have implemented already in my office and I got wonderful improvement in my keywords ranking and all the keywords having high amount of searches and competitions too. So if you learn and apply these trick properly then I am 100% sure that you will also get your keyword ranking to SERP.

Trick 1: Capture Emails and Increase your email database. As you can see the image below as an example.

2 Best SEO Tips and Tricks to Capture Email ID
That’s How You Can Capture Email ID

First you need to build your audience by capturing email from your user. Sounds Easy! Let go in details if you are already getting or capturing email from your user then it’s great; you are already one step ahead. And if you are not doing this then start this exercise. There are lots of tools in market and you can go with FREE version of these tools. You can use any Email marketing tool by which you can start capturing email from your users and increase your email database. (I am not telling any tool name in this article for this exercise if you guys want me to tell you about the best email marketing tool then you can mail me at digialsanjay.com@gmail .com; I will suggest you best tools which can help you for same)

How this Activity Help us: You can start email conversion with your users personally. Means you can send emails to your users as per their behavior and most important thing is whenever you publish and article or service etc then you can inform your users about the same through emails and they will check your mails and get back to your website.  You can also check email campaign report in which you can check email open rate and click rate etc. By this report you can further analyze that on which time your visitors are active and according you can plan your next email campaign.

Trick 2: Start increase you subscribes base through Push notifications. As You can see the below image as an example.

2 Best SEO Tips and Tricks for Push Notification
That’s How You Create Push Notifications

Secondly you can start push notifications to get your visitor back on your website. Means push notification is best strategy which can help on this. So if you website on WordPress then you can search any push notification plug-in and install and configure on your website. By this whenever any user visit on your website then the will be a notification come on his screen that “Subscribe if want to notify for updates” something like this or you can also show any message you want. And once user subscribe push notification and then his information get saved by his browser and whenever you post any article and news  on your website then your user will be notified and then visitor will visit you website. Please check the below image for push notification example.

So these (2 Best SEO Tips and Tricks) are the two tricks that I used and implement in my office and getting good amount of visitors back to website and also getting keywords ranking.


This is very important to get returning visitors on your website and there are two tricks and techniques which help you to do the same.

One start getting emails from your user and increase your email user database and then start email conversion with your users and update them about your article and product and services to get back them to your website.

And then find a good push notification tools; if your website in WordPress then install push notification plugins and start increase your push subscriber and once you post news and article to your website; Your subscribers will notified and they will visit your website though push notification and the end of the day you will get back your visitors to your website.

These are tried and tested tricks to get your visitors back on your website and increase your traffic and keywords ranking on SERP.

If you still have any question then please comment below or you can mail me at digitalsanjay.com@gmail.com also tell me if you like this article about 2 SEO Tips and Tricks or not?

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