Why Categories and Tags should Not be Indexed in Google?

Why Categories and Tags should Not be Indexed in Google?

Today we will discuss about the major mistake which all-most every blogger or digital marketer does? And due to this little mistake you will get your keyword ranking on search engine. So please avoid this little mistake which everyone is doing. So Today we will discuss why author, categories and tags should be indexed in search engine or not?

Is Categories, Author & Tags Are Important?

First you should know about that is really category and tags pages are really useful? My answer is yes because these very important part for users which helps to navigate your website properly.

Means suppose your website having hundreds of category and thousands of tags then an user come to your website through any medium and want to check your all post comes under a category and if you don’t using categories properly then user might confuse to navigate your website. It can also increase your bounce rate and as you know that bounce should be in the limit because Google din’t like high bounce rate websites.

Categories and Tags should Not be Indexed?

If your website is an eCommerce website means you are selling products as Amazon and other product selling website then it is necessary to allow search engine to index your website. It’s just because of that eCommerce website having so many products in a single category so might be user can buy product from category. In most cases all of us buy products form categories only. So you need to allow all the search engines to index and follow your categories and tags pages.

Indexing of categories and tags in Content/blogging website

Now we will talk about if your website is based on content. I mean you are running a website like DigitalSanjay.com then It is necessary to blog all the categories and tags to index from all the search engines because it can harm your results in search engine.

For Example:

This is send message to search engine that this website having so many duplicate pages and content; this just because of you allow search engine to index your categories and tags.

This will also raise a issue of keyword cannibalization. I think you know about the term cannibalization. This is a term formed by SEMRush. In simple word it means you are targeting a keywords with so many pages so Google will confuse to rank your keywords and that will not determine which pages needs to be show on search engine result page.

And due to duplicate of content search engine may penalize your website and you will not get any result form search engine and to recover from a penalize website is very difficult.

How to block Categories, Author and Tags?

This is very simple if you are using SEO by Yoast plugins in your WordPress website in simple steps.

  • Install SEO by Yoast in your website
  • Click SEO >> Search Appearance and then click Taxonomies
  • Then under Categories Click No and same for tags also. You can check below screenshot which clearly shows exact process.

Categories and Tags
How to Block Categories and Tags


Suppose you have a content based website or your are a blogger and doing blogging then your categories, tags and author pages should be permanently block from search engine indexing because categories, tags and author pages will not help you to get your keywords ranking on search engine.

I hope you get the right information which you are looking for and just apply this and grow your traffic and earn more.

Please drop your comment below and tell me that did you like this article or not and also send your suggestions. I will definitely look forward to your suggestions.

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